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    Getting Started with Brightcove Social

    This topic provides an overview of Brightcove Social. Brightcove Social allows you to easily publish videos in your Video Cloud account out to popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

    To access Brightcove Social, login to Video Cloud Studio and click Social in the navigation header. A list of your published videos will be displayed by default.

    Using Brightcove Social you can:

    Viewing your published videos

    To view your published videos, click the Published link in the left navigation. Each published video will display the publishing status, video information and a link to the social platform that the video has been published to. For information on viewing published videos, see Viewing Videos Published to Social Media.

    Publishing videos to social media platforms

    To publish a video to a social media platform, click the Videos link in the left navigation. For information on publishing videos to a social media account, see Publishing Videos to Social Media Platforms.

    Automatically syncing videos to social media accounts

    The Auto Sync feature can be used to have videos automatically published to social media destinations based upon tags that are assigned to a video. Configure Auto Sync by clicking Auto Sync in the left navigation. For information on configuring the Auto Sync feature, see Using Auto Sync to Synchronize Videos to Social Media Accounts.

    Creating social media publishing destinations

    Publishing destinations are the social media accounts to which you will publish videos to. A publishing destination can be a YouTube channel, Facebook page or Twitter account. Publishing destinations are created by clicking Destinations in the left navigation. For information on creating publishing destinations, see Creating Social Media Publishing Destinations.

    Reviewing social analytics

    Social Analytics provides data on how videos shared to social media channels are performing. View the social analytics by clicking Social Analytics in the left navigation. For information on social analytics, see Reviewing Social Analytics.

    Page last updated on 17 Jul 2021